This past weekend 6 teams began their trek towards the KIHA Cup. There have been plenty of teams getting started these last couple weeks but this is a bit different, these guys are playing in COLOMBIA! That’s right, this year marks the first season of the league’s Colombian Division.

Bogota, Colombia will host all this season’s games at the Bogota Hockey Center. The division will not play the 24 total games that some of the other divisions will play but the division winner does intend to make the trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado to test their skills against the US based squads. The PIHA Finals will take place February 24-26, 2017 at Xfinity Arena in Colorado Springs and the league is excited to have the Colombian winners. “There’s already a buzz here in Colorado about the opportunity to host another country during the Finals. We were blessed to have Brazil make the trip a few years ago and they were spectacular. They were just great guys that loved the game and we expect that same enthusiasm this year with the Colombians,” commented PIHA President, CJ Yoder.

The six teams competing in this year’s division are the Red Tails, Black Diamonds, Swedish Hockey Mafia, Sua Hockey Club, Jokers, and the Mean Green. Right out of the gate the Red Tails look to be the team to beat but the first weekend was full of competitive action and there are no signs of this changing.

The league would like to send out a big thank you to Daniel Fierro and everyone who has helped bring this together. We look forward to working with all of you for years to come! Good luck this year gentlemen.

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